11 Brilliant Tactics To Get You Started With Facebook Messenger

Want to tap into Facebook Messenger’s massive audience of more than 1.3 billion users?

With unprecedented ROI (70-80% engagement within the first hour), developing a chatbot for Facebook Messenger is a must.

Don’t know where to begin? You aren’t alone.

Our Advice!

Start with a small task. Ask yourself, what’s one thing a bot can do for my business? Find that opportunity and run with it.

Automate Q&A's

Automating Q&A is the simplest way to use a chatbot. Simple, straightforward questions can easily be answered by a chatbot.

Go through your purchase funnel and determine what people are asking about customer service.

This will give you a good foundation for what kind of questions your bot could answer.

Consider creating a chatbot to answer questions like:

  1. What are your opening hours?
  2. What is your phone number?
  3. What is your address?
Deliver Daily or Weekly Messages

Depending on your brand, you can send out weekly or even daily messages.

For example, a bookstore might send out the New York Times bestseller list on Sundays, or a yoga brand might send out positive mantras every morning.

Prompt Users to Book a Service or Make Appointments

Does your business take appointments? A chatbot can set them up for you.

A Facebook Messenger chatbot can offer users the ability to book an appointment as soon as they connect.

Send Special Offers and Coupons

Meet your customers where they are by sending them exclusive deals, coupons, and promo codes straight via Facebook Messenger.

Let’s say a customer buys a 90-day supply of face cream.

What if 75 days after the purchase, Facebook Messenger (powered by a chatbot) delivers a 10% off coupon on that same cream?

It’s useful, friendly and timely.

Take Orders

If your business takes orders, a chatbot can also streamline this for you.

Pizza Hut’s Facebook Messenger subscribers, for example, can complete an entire order from start to finish without ever leaving the app.

Deliver Breaking News

Publishers have the unique opportunity to deliver news up to the second with Facebook Messenger.

Conduct Quizzes, Surveys & Polls

You can collect information on your contacts through the strategic use of surveys. This will allow you to better serve them better and deliver more targeted content.

For example, occasionally survey Facebook Messenger subscribers to identify what topics they’re most interested in:

By having the chatbot segment for subscribers, it allows us to deliver highly targeted, personalised content that will be of value.

Give Order Updates and Shipping Status

Once customers have placed an order, you can use Facebook Messenger to ping them with updates on their shipping status.

Announce Blog Posts or Send New Content to Subscribers

Think of Facebook Messenger as a new and improved RSS feed as well as complimenting your email campaigns.

If you have a blog, you can send out a message promoting your new posts.

By no means does this have to be all your blog posts, especially if you’re a high-frequency publisher.

In that case, choose your best content so as not to overwhelm your subscribers!

Drive Event Registration

Have an event coming up?

Whether it’s a live event or webinar, you can drive registration by messaging your subscribers' information about your upcoming event.

Include an image, text and add a button where users can sign up — with a simple click, they’ll be able to register.

Send Out Reminders for Upcoming Events

If you’re having an upcoming event or sale, sending out a reminder beforehand is another great use of Facebook Messenger.

This is great way to use a chatbot.

e.g. An hour before the webinar / live event send a reminder with a link to the webinar, sent it out to all registrants.