What is a Facebook Messenger bot?

A chatbot is a software and technology that allows you to use messenger marketing at scale automatically!

A Facebook Messenger chatbot is a series of automated conversations or dialogues that can respond to common questions or actions from your prospects or customers on the Facebook Messenger platform.

This could be to explain what your service or product does, gather information about the customer, deliver helpful content, nurture towards a sale or to cross and up-sell.

17 BIG chatbot benefits and outcomes
  • Quickly get your offerings and promotions in front of your buyers
  • Highly scalable from one to many (1,000’s)
  • Stop wasting time on people who have no intention of buying from you
  • Automate many of the time-sapping tasks you hate or shouldn’t be doing in your business
  • Jump in conversations with live operators/assistants
  • Creation of marketing funnels and customer journey mapping
  • Learn from your prospects, leads and customers (what they like or dislike)
  • Open up quick and easy Q&A channels
  • Receive direct customer feedback - so complaints don’t escalate.
  • Simple to re-market, cross or up-sell
  • Improve the customer experience - Personalised, Easier, Quicker, Convenience and Timesaving
  • Communicate 24/7 365
  • Multichannel marketing
  • Highly Scalable
  • Reduce Facebook ad spend (not leaving FB)
  • Lower the cost per acquisition
  • Book appointments without leaving Messenger


What is Facebook Messenger marketing?

Messenger marketing is the act of engaging with prospects, leads, fans and customers through a messenger or chat platform.

Messenger Marketing is simply the act of marketing to your customers using a messaging app.

Messaging apps have far less friction than email and typically have 85% open rates and 40% CTR's.

Facebook Messenger also enhances customer experience...

  • Quicker
  • Easier
  • Personalised
  • Convenient
  • Timesaving
YOU, should consider Messenger marketing!

8 BILLION messages sent between people and businesses monthly

Messenger marketing “is set to become the world’s single biggest marketing channel in the next 5-7 years’ - FORBES

More people are using messaging apps now than social networking apps. It’s a trend that’s here to stay.

Facebook is investing heavily in unifying its messaging apps as its next biggest growth platform. Messenger, Instagram messages and WhatsApp will soon be integrated so users will not have to switch platforms to reach each other.

65% of people would prefer to contact a business via direct message rather than phone or email, while 53% are more likely to shop with brands that are on Messenger.

There are 37 Million active Facebook users in the UK alone.





£49.50 per month
  • Setup basic Messenger chatbot
  • Link and interact with Facebook page
  • Customised welcome message
  • Personalised responses
  • Top 5 FAQ replies (automated)
  • Custom menu

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