8 Messenger Chatbot Features You Sould Be Utilising In Your Business

Chatbots are a wildly underrated and underutilised piece of technology.

Facebook Messenger chatbots are useful for so many different aspects of business, from marketing to customer service, to sales.

They automate daily tasks and their 24/7 functionality helps you gather leads and make sales in your sleep.

Here are 8 of my favourite Messenger chatbot features that you need to start using today.

Messenger Chatbot Features: Simplify Your Workday

These 8 Messenger chatbot features will help you simplify your workday and workweek significantly.

They will also assist you in generating leads, automating daily tasks, pushing promos and advertisements, building contact lists, and collecting customer feedback.

Chatbots are an incredibly easy and efficient way to save money and time for your business, allowing you to focus on revenue-generating projects and activities that will propel your business forward.