12 Magnetic Ways to Generate Leads with Your Facebook Bot

After someone messages your bot through the entry points laid out below, they automatically become a lead in your Messenger contact database.

Once in your database, the chatbot software could be used to:

  • Set up a Messenger drip campaign to welcome and nurture them.
  • Ask them questions to qualify them and see if you’re a good fit.
  • Invite them to stay in touch as a subscriber.
  • Send them info about your products, services, and promotions.

Heads up, you want to become familiar with Facebook’s rules for Messenger engagements. There are rules like when and how you can send promotional messages, for instance.

Facebook Comment Guard private auto-replies

Facebook post comment guards (aka Facebook post-auto-replies or private replies) are the most engaging, free way to get new contacts!

Next-level engagement!

Facebook post-auto-replies are so fantastic for lead gen because:

  • They turn your engaged Facebook fans who are commenting on your posts into contacts!
  • Your Facebook page listed response time drops dramatically — a great trust signal!
  • You turn your page fans into leads you can send follow-up messages to!

Autoresponders can be used for loads of use cases:

  • Contests and giveaways: Announce your contest with an organic Facebook post. Attach an autoresponder to that post and anybody who comments to enter will get messages in Messenger, helping you collect instant contact info and powerful leads
  • Relationship and brand building: People turn to Facebook for enjoyment, and these posts allow you to run fun little games to build relationships
  • Lead qualification: Use a comment guard on a Facebook post that asks people to comment to get a resource, guide or download. Set up the chatbot response to asking qualifying questions of your new contacts so you can score your leads!
Use your Messenger bot as your website chat

Including chat on a website can increase conversions by 45%!

Use your Facebook bot to power your website chat and see key advantages — at the top of the list are new contacts you can send messages to!

  • Answer FAQs instantly: You can answer common questions with a chatbot in seconds, giving visitors on your site immediate answers to keep them around.
  • Save on staffing: Using automation and chatbots, you save tons of money on staffing costs.
  • Alert a human to take over the chat any time: Get the best of all world’s by setting up your website chat to have a human takeover if questions can’t be answered by the bot.
  • Mobile friendly: Messenger is meant for mobile communication, there is no better way to communicate on mobile with your customers.
  • Save new contacts as leads: When you get contact on Messenger, you can message them at any time, even if they leave your website. But with live-chat platforms, you can’t message them unless they are on-site!
Run Click-to-Messenger Ads targeting your email list

Instead of traditional Facebook ads that drive clicks to a website or likes to a page, messages ads start conversations in Facebook Messenger!

One strategy for creating new contacts with click-to-Messenger ads is to convert your email contacts into Messenger contacts.

To do this you'll need to:

  1. Create a Facebook custom audience in Ads Manager from your email list.
  2. Run a Facebook click-to-Messenger ad campaign with your custom opt-in dialogue as the landing page.
  3. Get a 100% conversion rate as clicks on your and send a message to your bot!
Run Click-to-Messenger Ads targeting page fans/engager

When you’re looking to make new contacts, your own Page fans are a smart audience to target.

Since they’re already following your business on your Facebook Page, they’re probably open to receiving messages from you.

Facebook Messenger is a more productive place to engage than Facebook because you can send messages directly to their Messenger inbox rather than hoping your posts show up in their organic news feed.

Run a send-to-Messenger ad on Facebook, where the audience targeting is your page fans:

Run Click-to-Messenger ads with a coupon code remarketing to site

Send-to-Messenger ads are amazing for contacting new audiences and building some brand awareness.

But they are even better when you start to target warmer audiences that have engaged with your brand before.

When we have used this strategy we are seeing 20% response rates within a single hour of launching these campaigns.

Yes, that’s response rates or click-throughs, not open rates!

To do this you'll need to, create a custom engagement audience of website visitors.

For the offer in your ad, offer them a discount code:

When they click “Send Message” they will receive a coupon directly in the Messenger app:

This is much more effective than traditional coupon ads because:

  • People get them instantly in Messenger, rather than waiting in email or clicking to your site
  • Even if they don’t use the coupon, you still get their contact info and opt-in to Messenger
  • You can message them with drip campaigns to remind them to use the coupon later
Create a Facebook Messenger landing page

Combining chatbots and landing pages makes for smooth, seamless conversions that collect just as much (if not more) data from your leads with less hassle.

This strategy uses the link to Messenger lead magnet. You can link to Messenger directly with a URL and share it anywhere in your lead gen campaigns.

Link to Messenger for download offers

Chatbots for Messenger is easy to develop, update, and link to for fast-acting conversion tools.

For example, you could link users directly into a lead qualification chatbot that segments your traffic.

This is perfect as the call to action for your next blog post.

Instead of offering a download via email gate at the end of a blog post, link folks to Messenger where they can download the resource.

This strategy uses the link to Messenger lead magnet. You can link to Messenger directly with a URL and share it anywhere in your lead gen campaigns.

Link to Messenger in your email campaigns and email signature

We covered how to turn your email list into your Messenger contacts with Facebook ads, but you can also generate new Messenger contacts from email for free.

How? Link to your Messenger opt-in page from your email.

Leverage your existing assets to build your Messenger list faster.

This strategy uses the link to Messenger lead magnet. You can link to Messenger directly with a URL and share it anywhere in your lead gen campaigns.

Link to Messenger for customer surveys

Customer surveys give marketers more info about customers and their preferences that inform more effective campaigns.

Facebook Messenger chatbot surveys create persistent contacts that open the door to follow-up messaging.

Messenger surveys are also:

✓ Super quick and easy to fill out
✓ Ultimately mobile-friendly
✓ Have high engagement rates
✓ Save survey data to customer profiles
✓ Not anonymous

This strategy uses the link to Messenger lead magnet. You can link to Messenger directly with a URL and share it anywhere in your lead gen campaigns.

Embed a Messenger checkbox in your web forms

Messenger can do more than just sit on your site like a live-chat plugin.

In fact, Messenger can play a direct role in helping you convert more people if your forms are struggling to show high conversion rates.

These checkbox opt-ins can be placed on any website form you currently have.

This checkbox plugin allows you to collect more than just an email but actually engage instantly in conversations with your customers.

And in the future, you can message them anytime since they are a contact in your chatbot software.

Embed a Send to Messenger button

There’s one more HTML Element lead magnet — the send to Messenger button.

This is a simple button that you can embed on your website or blog posts that send folks who click directly into a dialogue in Messenger that you design.

To create this lead magnet, choose HTML Elements from Lead Magnets and then choose “Send to Messenger Button”

When you add this button to your site or partner site, people who click on it will connect with you in Messenger where they’ll become a contact within your chatbot software.

Create Chatbot Scan or QR (quick response) Codes

QR codes, otherwise known as quick response codes, allow users to scan a code with their phone, directing them to content on a website.

This popular marketing tactic can also be done with chatbots to get more contacts and leads.

It’s an effective lead magnet for anywhere you have a physical presence, allowing anyone you might run into in real life to scan it and engage with messages instantly.