Promotional Package


Convert more customers and boost Facebook ROI from top to bottom of your marketing funnel

Promotion Package

We combine Facebook Ads + Messenger to dramatically boost ROI and increase conversion rates.

Everything In Starter Package

Lead Generation

Product Recommendation

Acquire Messenger Subscribers

Transfer Leads to CRM

Ask Qualification Questions

Send Content/Offer to Every User

What's Included?

Lead Qualification

We'll build lead qualification into your bot. Ask users questions and provide different paths based on their responses. Automatically send this data into your CRM or another repository.

Product Recommendation

Help users find the best product or solution by asking them questions, and then make a recommendation based on their answers.

Zapier Integration

Automatically transfer data into a repository such as your CRM or ESP.

Website & Facebook Page

We'll help you to implement this bot on your website with a custom CTA along with proper performance tracking.

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